Millionaire Match Review

You don't have to be a millionaire to sign up to Millionaire Match, but it certainly helps. If you are looking to date certified millionaires, or you are one yourself, then you may find that this is the best millionaire dating site for you. Let's take a look, shall we?

Millionaire Match Review

The premise of Millionaire Match

The whole premise behind this site is elite dating. You can tell that as soon as you load up the website. There are no fancy colors or anything here. Everything is suave and sophisticated. It oozes class.

Obviously, the premise is about dating for millionaires. You don't have to be a millionaire to sign-up, but it really does help. There is absolutely no verification of your income...if you don't want there to be. However, going through the verification process is actually worth it. If you are a verified millionaire on the site, then you will end up with a lot of people messaging you. If you aren't, then people are just going to assume that you are looking for a quick handout and avoid you like the plague. The site explicitly says no sugar babies or daddies.

The number of people on the site

There are about 4 million registered accounts on Millionaire Match. Now, obviously, not all of these are going to be millionaires. Some of them may be people who want to date millionaires. However, there are a fair few number of people with a bit of cash on their belt. Most of the members are not afraid to show how rich they are too. As you browse through the website, you will no doubt encounter various signs of wealth highlighted on profiles. People really do love to show off the vehicles and homes they own.

We actually love the whole showing off your wealth part. Obviously, if you are a millionaire you have probably done well to reach that stage of your life. This is a site where you are meant to show off everything that you have worked for. you never know, it may actually score you a few more dates because of it.

There is absolutely no doubt there will be a few people in your local area looking to hookup, or perhaps looking for something a bit more long term. If you opt for the VIP membership, you will probably find a fair number of celebrities there too. All vying for your attention.

Response rate

In comparison to other dating sites, you will find that the response rate on Millionaire Match is incredibly high. If you have a bit of money, it seems that you will have no issue with people responding to you. Although, we can't stress enough how important it is to be a verified millionaire if you want to get the highest response rate when it comes to millionaire dating.

Is Millionaire Match for you?

This is one of the most exclusive dating websites in the world. If you have a lot of cash, it may be the only place that you can find a match. After all, it can't be easy thinking that everybody only speaks to you because of the amount of money you have. With millions of members, there is no better place for millionaire singles to be.

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